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Abraham Mhaidli

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Who am I?

Greetings! My name is Abraham Mhaidli. I am a PhD student studying information sciences at University of Michigan’s School of Information. My research interests lie in the intersection of technology, society, and privacy. I am particularly interested in studying the ethical issues in extended reality contexts (including VR, AR, MR), and understanding what are ways to help developers make more ethical, less harmful, XR technologies, such as through Ethical Impact Assessments.

Latest Updates

  • My paper (Identifying Manipulative Advertising Techniques in XR Through Scenario Construction) got conditionally accepted at CHI 2021! See Publications tab for a preprint PDF of the work.

  • Started my 4th year at University of Michigan.

  • Officially achieved candidacy at the University of Michigan.

  • Started my 3rd year at University of Michigan.

  • Finished my summer UX research internship at Facebook